Where and why we started:

CEO and founder, Sophie Frank, traveled to India for the first time in 2015.
She met people from across the country who were all suffering from air pollution exposure, yet nearly no one was wearing a mask.
As an active athlete and asthma sufferer herself, Sophie was also not interested in sporting an air pollution mask.
She decided that there should be a product that focused on beautiful design while still providing protection against air pollution.
What if your jewelry could protect you against exposure to harmful particles in the air?
She returned to her undergraduate studies at NYU Leonard N. Stern school of business.
She continued researching pollution trends around the world and what products the market offered for individuals to prevent personal exposure.
It was quickly evident that air pollution was a problem getting worse, not better, and there were few products addressing the issue.
Cities all over the globe were facing the harmful effects of this trend.
She was motivated to make a change and build a team to innovate better products to empower users to thrive in any environment.

Where we are today:

Today Resprana is building design focused and innovative consumer wearables to empower customers to live happier and healthier lives in urban environments.
Our first product is the Resprana Duo – a sleek, in-nose product to reduce users’ exposure to air pollution. 
Resprana is a health & wellness company building beautiful wearables to protect people around the world from polluted air. 

What makes us different: 

We are not afraid to be bold.
From our digital presence to the Duo itself, we are offering customers the opportunity to be a part of something big. 
The Duo is visible for a reason.
Our product and brand are meant to empower people and create desire and intrigue, rather than focusing on the problem of air pollution 
The proprietary technology of the Duo is significant in several ways: 
The comfort, performance and sleek look of our product combined with a brand dedicated
to fostering personal wellness will enable adoption of our products and improve the well being of our customers worldwide.
We plan to start with the fight against air pollution, yet as a company dedicated to improving health and wellness, we see far reaching applications for our products.
From athletic training, to beauty, therapeutic compound delivery, industrial protection and emergency aid applications, we believe in the boundless potential of our IP.