How it works!

Duos offer protection from various air-born particles and provide optimal filtering provided by the following attributes:

  • Innovative Style – Curated to a life on the move with a minimalist, sleek design.
  • Universal fit and better protection– Provides perfect sealing compared to gaps left by masks with only two sizes.

  • Premium filtering – Easily replaceable filters to keep premium performance!

  • Comfortable – Designed to be worn frequently, our medical-grade silicon protects wearers, safely, with no discomfort.


I have more questions

What size is right for me?

We currently offer a small an large size, we are in the process of designing a visual size guide, if you are unsure what size is right for you contact us and we can help!


What particles do the Duo filter?

Duos capture a wide range of particles and can help filter bigger particles like dust and pollen all the way down to air pollution particles called PM2.5.